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Restoration Projects

Welcome to the Louisiana Digital Coast Initiative

The following table lists approved CWPPRA, implemented State, and non-CWPPRA Federal restoration projects alphabetically by State Project Number.

State Project Number PPL Federal Sponsor ProjectName
AT-02 02  NMFS  Atchafalaya Sediment Delivery
AT-03 02  NMFS  Big Island Mining
AT-04 09  NMFS  Castille Pass Channel Sediment Delivery
BA-01 N/A  USACE  Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion
BA-02 01  NRCS  GIWW (Gulf Intracoastal Waterway) to Clovelly Hydrologic Restoration
BA-03 N/A    Naomi Siphon Diversion
BA-03c 05  NRCS  Naomi Outfall Management
BA-04 N/A    West Pointe a la Hache Siphon Diversion
BA-04c 03  NRCS  West Pointe a la Hache Outfall Management
BA-05b N/A    Queen Bess
BA-05c N/A    Baie de Chactas
BA-15 03  NMFS  Lake Salvador Shore Protection Demonstration
BA-15x1 N/A    Lake Salvador Shoreline Protection Extension
BA-16 N/A    Bayou Segnette
BA-18 01  NMFS  Fourchon Hydrologic Restoration (Deauthorized)
BA-19 01  USACE  Barataria Bay Waterway Wetland Restoration
BA-20 02  NRCS  Jonathan Davis Wetland Protection
BA-21 03  NMFS  Bayou Perot/Bayou Rigolettes Marsh Restoration (Deauthorized)
BA-22 04  NRCS  Bayou L'Ours Ridge Hydrologic Restoration (Deauthorized)
BA-23 04  NRCS  Barataria Bay Waterway West Side Shoreline Protection
BA-24 05  NMFS  Myrtle Grove Siphon
BA-25 05  EPA  Bayou Lafourche Siphon (Phase 1)
BA-25b 11  EPA  Mississippi River Reintroduction Into Bayou Lafourche
BA-26 06  NRCS  Barataria Bay Waterway East Side Shoreline Protection
BA-27 N/A  NRCS  Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection, Phases 1 and 2
BA-27c 09  NRCS  Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection, Phase 3
BA-27d 11  NRCS  Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection, Phase 4
BA-28 07  NMFS  Vegetative Plantings of a Dredged Material Disposal Site on Grand Terre Island
BA-29 09  EPA  LA Highway 1 Marsh Creation (Deauthorized)
BA-30 09  NMFS  East/West Grand Terre Islands Restoration
BA-33 10  USACE  Delta Building Diversion at Myrtle Grove
BA-34 10  EPA  Mississippi River Reintroduction Into Northwest Barataria Basin
BA-35 11  NMFS  Pass Chaland to Grand Bayou Pass Barrier Shoreline Restoration
BA-36 11  USFWS  Dedicated Dredging on the Barataria Basin Landbridge
BA-37 11  NMFS  Little Lake Shoreline Protection/Dedicated Dredging Near Round Lake
BA-38 11  NMFS  Barataria Barrier Island Complex Project: Pelican Island and Pass La Mer to Chaland Pass Restoration
BA-39 12  EPA  Mississippi River Sediment Delivery System - Bayou Dupont
BA-40 14  NMFS  Riverine Sand Mining/Scofield Island Restoration
BA-41 14  NRCS  South Shore of The Pen Shoreline Protection and Marsh Creation
BA-42 15  USFWS  Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation
BD N/A    Brannon Ditch
BRM-01 N/A    Brown Marsh
BS-03a 02  NRCS  Caernarvon Diversion Outfall Management
BS-04a 03  NRCS  White's Ditch Outfall Management (Deauthorized)
BS-06 N/A    Lake Lery Hydrologic Restoration
BS-07 04  USACE  Grand Bay Crevasse (Deauthorized)
BS-08 N/A  USACE  Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion
BS-09 08  NRCS  Upper Oak River Freshwater Siphon, Phase 1 (Deauthorized)
BS-10 10  USACE  Delta Building Diversion North of Fort St. Philip
BS-11 10  USFWS  Delta Management at Fort St. Philip
BS-12 14  NRCS  White Ditch Resurrection and Outfall Management
BS-13 15  EPA  Bayou Lamoque Freshwater Diversion
CAT-01 N/A    Cheniere Au Tigre
CIAPFIFI N/A    Fifi Island Restoration
CS-01 N/A    Holly Beach
CS-02 N/A    Rycade Canal Marsh Management
CS-04a 03  NRCS  Cameron-Creole Maintenance
CS-04a-1 N/A    Cameron-Creole Structure Automation
CS-09 02  NRCS  Brown Lake Hydrologic Restoration
CS-11b 05  NRCS  Sweet Lake/Willow Lake Hydrologic Restoration
CS-17 01  USFWS  Cameron Creole Plugs
CS-18 01  USFWS  Sabine National Wildlife Refuge Erosion Protection
CS-19 01  NRCS  West Hackberry Vegetative Planting Demonstration
CS-20 02  NRCS  East Mud Lake Marsh Management
CS-21 02  NRCS  Highway 384 Hydrologic Restoration
CS-22 02  USACE  Clear Marais Bank Protection
CS-23 03  USFWS  Replace Sabine Refuge Water Control Structures at Headquarters Canal, West Cove Canal, and Hog Island Gully
CS-24 04  NRCS  Perry Ridge Shore Protection
CS-25 04  NRCS  Plowed Terraces Demonstration
CS-26 04  EPA  Compost Demonstration (Deauthorized)
CS-27 06  NMFS  Black Bayou Hydrologic Restoration
CS-28 08  USACE  Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation, Cycles 1-3
CS-29 09  NRCS  Black Bayou Culverts Hydrologic Restoration
CS-30 09  NRCS  GIWW - Perry Ridge West Bank Stabilization
CS-31 11  NRCS  Holly Beach Sand Management
CS-32 10  USFWS  East Sabine Lake Hydrologic Restoration
CS-BL N/A    Blind Lake
CS-ST N/A    Sabine Terraces
FTL-01 N/A    Fisheries Habitat Restoration on West Grand Terre Island at Fort Livingston
GIBSB N/A    Grand Isle Bay Side Breakwaters
LA-01 -    Dedicated Dredging Program
LA-01a N/A    Dedicated Dredging Program - Lake Salvador
LA-01b N/A    Dedicated Dredging Program - Bayou Dupont
LA-01c N/A    Dedicated Dredging Program - Pass a Loutre
LA-01d N/A    Dedicated Dredging Program - Terrebonne Parish School Board
LA-03a 06  USFWS  Nutria Harvest for Wetland Restoration Demonstration
LA-03b 11  NRCS  Coastwide Nutria Control Program
LA-05 12  NRCS  Floating Marsh Creation Demonstration Project
LA-06 13  USACE  Shoreline Protection Foundation Improvements Demonstration
ME-01 N/A    Pecan Island Freshwater Introduction
ME-04 02  NRCS  Freshwater Bayou Wetland Protection
ME-08 01  NRCS  Dewitt-Rollover Vegetative Plantings Demonstration (Deauthorized)
ME-09 01  USFWS  Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge Shoreline Protection
ME-11 08  NRCS  Humble Canal Hydrologic Restoration
ME-12 03  NRCS  Southwest Shore White Lake Demonstration (Deauthorized)
ME-13 05  NRCS  Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization
ME-14 07  NMFS  Pecan Island Terracing
ME-16 09  USFWS  Freshwater Introduction South of Highway 82
ME-17 09  NRCS  Little Pecan Bayou Hydrologic Restoration
ME-18 10  NMFS  Rockefeller Refuge Gulf Shoreline Stabilization
ME-19 10  USFWS  Grand-White Lakes Landbridge Protection
ME-20 11  USFWS  South Grand Chenier Hydrologic Restoration Project
ME-21 N/A  USACE  Grand Lake Shoreline Protection
ME-22 N/A  USACE  South White Lake Shoreline Protection
ME-23 N/A  NMFS  South Pecan Island Freshwater Introduction
ME-24 -  USACE  Southwest Louisiana Gulf Shoreline Nourishment and Protection
MR-01b N/A    Small Sediment Diversions
MR-03 01  USACE  West Bay Sediment Diversion
MR-06 03  USACE  Channel Armor Gap Crevasse
MR-07 03  USACE  Pass-a-Loutre Crevasse (Deauthorized)
MR-08 04  USACE  Beneficial Use of Hopper Dredged Material Demonstration (Deauthorized)
MR-09 06  NMFS  Delta Wide Crevasses
MR-10 06  USACE  Dustpan Maintenance Dredging Operations for Marsh Creation in the Mississippi River Delta Demonstration
MR-11 09  USACE  Periodic Introduction of Sediment and Nutrients at Selected Diversion Sites Demonstration
MR-12 12  USACE  Mississippi River Sediment Trap
MR-13 10  USACE  Benneys Bay Diversion
MR-14 13  USACE  Spanish Pass Diversion
MR-15 15  EPA  Venice Ponds Marsh Creation and Crevasses
NGI N/A    North Grand Isle Breakwaters
PO-01 N/A    Violet Siphon Diversion
PO-02c N/A    Bayou Chevee
PO-03 N/A    LaBranche Shoreline Stabilization and Canal Closure
PO-03b N/A    LaBranche Shoreline Protection
PO-06 02  NRCS  Fritchie Marsh Restoration
PO-08 N/A    Central Wetlands Pump Outfall
PO-09a 03  NRCS  Violet Freshwater Distribution (Deauthorized)
PO-10 N/A    Turtle Cove Shore Protection
PO-16 01  USFWS  Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge Hydrologic Restoration, Phase 1
PO-17 01  USACE  Bayou LaBranche Wetland Creation
PO-18 02  USFWS  Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge Hydrologic Restoration, Phase 2
PO-19 03  USACE  Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) Disposal Area Marsh Protection
PO-20 03  EPA  Red Mud Demonstration (Deauthorized)
PO-21 04  NMFS  Eden Isles East Marsh Restoration (Deauthorized)
PO-22 05  USACE  Bayou Chevee Shoreline Protection
PO-24 08  NMFS  Hopedale Hydrologic Restoration
PO-25 08  NMFS  Bayou Bienvenue Pump Station Diversion and Terracing (Deauthorized)
PO-26 09  USACE  Opportunistic Use of the Bonnet Carre Spillway
PO-27 09  NMFS  Chandeleur Islands Marsh Restoration
PO-28 09  NMFS  LaBranche Wetlands Terracing, Planting, and Shoreline Protection
PO-29 11  EPA  River Reintroduction into Maurepas Swamp
PO-30 10  EPA  Lake Borgne Shoreline Protection
PO-32 12  USACE  Lake Borgne and MRGO Shoreline Protection
PO-33 13  USFWS  Goose Point/Point Platte Marsh Creation
PO-34 -  USACE  Alligator Bend Marsh Restoration and Shoreline Protection
RAINEY N/A    Rainey Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary Earthen Terraces
RI N/A    Raccoon Island Repair
SBG N/A    Spoilbank along the GIWW
SSB N/A    Sabine Shellbank Stabilization
TE-01 N/A    Montegut Wetland
TE-02 N/A    Falgout Canal Wetland
TE-03 N/A    Bayou LaCache Wetland
TE-06 N/A    Pointe-aux-Chenes Hydrologic Restoration
TE-07b N/A    Lower Petit Caillou
TE-10 05  USFWS  Grand Bayou Hydrologic Restoration
TE-14 N/A    Point Farm Refuge Planting
TE-17 01  NRCS  Falgout Canal Planting Demonstration
TE-18 01  NRCS  Timbalier Island Planting Demonstration
TE-19 01  NMFS  Lower Bayou LaCache Hydrologic Restoration (Deauthorized)
TE-20 01  EPA  Isles Dernieres Restoration East Island
TE-22 02  NMFS  Point Au Fer Canal Plugs
TE-23 02  USACE  West Belle Pass Headland Restoration
TE-24 02  EPA  Isles Dernieres Restoration Trinity Island
TE-25 03  NMFS  East Timbalier Island Sediment Restoration, Phase 1
TE-26 03  NMFS  Lake Chapeau Sediment Input and Hydrologic Restoration, Point Au Fer Island
TE-27 03  EPA  Whiskey Island Restoration
TE-28 03  NRCS  Brady Canal Hydrologic Restoration
TE-29 05  NRCS  Raccoon Island Breakwaters Demonstration
TE-30 04  NMFS  East Timbalier Island Sediment Restoration, Phase 2
TE-31 04  NRCS  Flotant Marsh Fencing Demonstration (Deauthorized)
TE-32a 06  USFWS  North Lake Boudreaux Basin Freshwater Introduction and Hydrologic Management
TE-33 06  EPA  Bayou Boeuf Pump Station (Deauthorized)
TE-34 06  NRCS  Penchant Basin Natural Resources Plan, Increment 1
TE-35 06  USACE  Marsh Creation East of the Atchafalaya River - Avoca Island (Deauthorized)
TE-36 07  NRCS  Thin Mat Floating Marsh Enhancement Demonstration
TE-37 09  EPA  New Cut Dune and Marsh Restoration
TE-39 09  NRCS  South Lake DeCade Freshwater Introduction
TE-40 09  EPA  Timbalier Island Dune and Marsh Creation
TE-41 09  USFWS  Mandalay Bank Protection Demonstration
TE-42 09  USFWS  Move Existing Atchafalaya Water to Central Terrebonne
TE-43 10  NRCS  GIWW Bank Restoration of Critical Areas in Terrebonne
TE-44 10  USFWS  North Lake Mechant Landbridge Restoration
TE-45 10  USFWS  Terrebonne Bay Shore Protection Demonstration
TE-46 11  USFWS  West Lake Boudreaux Shoreline Protection and Marsh Creation
TE-47 11  EPA  Ship Shoal: Whiskey West Flank Restoration
TE-48 11  NRCS  Raccoon Island Shoreline Protection/Marsh Creation
TE-49 12  USACE  Avoca Island Diversion and Land Building
TE-50 13  EPA  Whiskey Island Back Barrier Marsh Creation
TE-51 -  NMFS  Madison Bay Marsh Creation and Terracing
TE-52 -  NMFS  West Belle Pass Barrier Headland Restoration
TV-02a N/A    Hammock Lake
TV-02b N/A    Yellow Bayou
TV-03 01  USACE  Vermilion River Cutoff Bank Protection
TV-04 03  NRCS  Cote Blanche Hydrologic Restoration
TV-06 N/A    Marsh Island Control Structures
TV-09 02  NRCS  Boston Canal/Vermilion Bay Bank Protection
TV-11 N/A    Freshwater Bayou Bank Protection
TV-11b 09  USACE  Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization - Belle Isle Canal to Lock
TV-12 05  NMFS  Little Vermilion Bay Sediment Trapping
TV-13a 06  NRCS  Oaks/Avery Canal Hydrologic Restoration, Increment 1
TV-13b N/A    Oaks/Avery Structures
TV-14 06  USACE  Marsh Island Hydrologic Restoration
TV-15 06  NMFS  Sediment Trapping at "The Jaws"
TV-16 06  NRCS  Cheniere Au Tigre Sediment Trapping Demonstration
TV-17 08  NRCS  Lake Portage Land Bridge
TV-18 09  NMFS  Four Mile Canal Terracing and Sediment Trapping
TV-19 09  USACE  Weeks Bay Marsh Creation and Shore Protection/Commercial Canal Freshwater Redirection
TV-20 13  NRCS  Bayou Sale Shoreline Protection
TV-21 14  NRCS  East Marsh Island Marsh Creation
TV-4355np1 N/A    Quintana Canal/Cypremort Point

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