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Barrier Island Comprehensive Monitoring Program

Monitoring Louisiana's barrier islands, beaches, and main shorelines: The Barrier Island Comprehensive Monitoring (BICM) baseline for assessing coastal change, protection, and restoration!

The form of Louisiana’s coast is a function of the dynamic balance between the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. Barrier Islands, beaches, and mainland shorelines constantly change in response to river discharge, sea level, waves, and the actions of man. Hurricane protection, unique habitats, and large estuaries exist due to the presence of these important coastal landforms. Louisiana's barrier islands, beaches, and mainland shorelines define the boundary of program is designed to monitor Louisiana's dynamic coastline. BICM will provide an important tool to plan and monitor the performance of coastal protection and resotration projects built to date and envisioned for the future. Important components monitored by BICM include Bathymetry, Topography, Shoreline Change, Habitats, and Strom assessment protocol.

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Download the BICM shoreline geologic regions and segment maps.

Shoreline ChangeBICM Shoreline Regioins




Shoreline Change BICM Shoreline Segments





Features :

Shoreline ChangeGIS Access to Interactive Maps: The        Interactive Map Server is a collection of data        layers of Louisiana's coastal zone where you can        interactively select themes for viewing and        create your own maps.

Shoreline ChangeMaps: Search and Download: Now available        online. Maps from various monitoring projects in        PDF format

Shoreline ChangeData: Search and Download:  Data including        vector shorelines,use/land cover, bathymetric        survey data and more.

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